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Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garages are a nice addition to the home. They shelter our vehicles and make a great place to store our tools. The fact that the door to the garage can be opened and closed at the push of a button just adds to the popularity of the situation. At Burlington Garage Door Repair we know how much you depend on these doors operating at peak efficiency. As with any mechanical operation, parts are bound to need repair or replacement at some point. The torsion spring is one of the essential components in the system. Garage door torsion spring repair cost can be scary.

Garage Door Torsion SpringThis spring is mounted above the door to the garage, unlike extension springs for garage doors, which are mounted on each side. The doors for these buildings can weight hundreds of pounds. This component is designed to balance the door during the opening and closing process. If this part should fail the door could dangle aimlessly and even fall. When a problem arises we can provide the garage door torsion spring repair you need. We will respond urgently to provide a cost effective solution.

We know how important the Garage Door Torsion Spring in Burlington can be in relation to your family’s safety. We have the training and tools to make the right torsion spring adjustment. Your safety is our top priority. Springs are not an issue that should be addressed by an amateur with little or no experience. These components are tightly wound to establish the tension needed to balance the heavy load. If one of these parts were to snap back you could be injured or worse.

Garage Door Repair Burlington is committed to providing torsion spring replacement service you can depend on in your time of need. When it comes to replacement, the spring cost might be much less than you think. Give us a call today and we will provide the service you need fast.

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